What causes ear wax impaction?

Earwax Causes Blockage, or impaction, which occurs when the wax gets pushed deep within the ear canal. The most common cause of impactions is the use of Q-tips (and other objects such as bobby pins and rolled napkin corners), which can remove superficial wax but also pushes the rest of the wax deeper into the ear canal. This is the opposite of the desired result. However

What is ear Microsuction?

Microsuction is one of the safest methods to clean the ear. The nurse, doctor or audiologist treating you looks at your ear using a microscope. This magnifies the ear, making it easier to assess and treat. A suction device is used to clean the ear without the use of water.

Do you need to soften earwax before Microsuction?

Preparatory steps for microsuction There really isn’t any, although you probably should use wax softener for a few days before your appointment. This will soften the wax around the ear canal and ready it for removal. Many people believe that microsuction earwax removal can be done without any drops beforehand, and it certainly can.

Can earwax cause vertigo?

If too much earwax builds up and becomes hard, it can form a plug that blocks the ear. A blocked ear may be painful and can affect hearing giving you a feeling of fullness in the ear, vertigo, or a sense of being unbalanced that can lead to dizziness and nausea. Microsuction earwax removal at your nearest Audiologist clinic will safely and painlessly remove earwax buildup.

Can earwax cause pain?

Earwax is usually harmless, but if you have particularly hard wax or too much compacted in your ear, it can cause some pain and discomfort. … If earwax comes into contact with the eardrum, it can cause discomfort and vertigo, a sensation that makes you feel as if you are moving even when standing still.

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