Safety Tips for Using Segway at Night

The scooter from Segway is an excellent approach for moving persons around, it makes very much sense and it’s really entertaining to get around on. Not too long ago a buddy and I were touring around and I realized that the Segway performed all right when pitting from bumpy sidewalks where roots had forced them up. Occasionally it was really fun to drive off these as though a bit jump. Obviously I later believed, that it could be frightening, even harmful if one do this at night time, when there are no streetlights.

I suggest that we place some lights on the Segway for night time riding, but as well do not want to pull down the electric batteries. Can someone create a light, which could illuminate the sidewalk or route while not pulling down the Segway battery pack? You will find energy-efficient lights, but is there a method to entirely skip the electric battery use but still enjoy a bright light? What about a device which would boost the already unequalled maneuverability, flexibility of movement and excelled energy system one, which allows the whole power to the built-in control system and embedded sensors? That is what I am referring to.

Check This Segway Out

There are several brand-new improvements in the Segway, but are we able to take it to another stage and beyond? I recommend an innovative lighting system for my own brand-new Segway with electromagnetic induction concept to juice up a capacitor rather than the lights working off a battery.

Lights for Segway

Presently there are several great micro-flashlights being utilized that you can purchase which use much the same approach and are obtainable. These smaller sized lights work by shaking them for approximately 30 secs and shine for approximately 6 mins they usually shine incredibly bright given that they make use of a very bright LED light.

At the moment obviously i’m making use of these and have duct taped it on the Segway and will give it a try this evening. With sensors, which turn these lights on as the sun falls so they will shine and be all set right before it will become dark like the city’s street lights. Folks you need to up-grade your Segway Scooters in the future. Give it a thought. For more info about Segway Indonesia, please visit

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