Microsuction earwax removal in the UK.

Do you need to soften earwax before Microsuction?

There really isn’t any real need, although you could use a little earwax softener for a few days before your appointment at your local Audiologist clinic. This will soften the wax around the ear canal and ready it for removal. Many people believe that Microsuction can be done without any drops beforehand, and it can. Using a softener beforehand can be considered ‘belt and braces’ as the Microsuction can be performed safely and painlessly without it.

Is Microsuction ear wax removal safe?

Microsuction is an earwax removal technique which is safe, comfortable and pain-free. Make an appointment at your local Audiology Clinic where professional will perform your treatment. With Microsuction a fine low-pressure suction device will be used to remove any ear wax obstructions safely.

 Does removing ear wax hurt?

Tiny hairs lining the ear canal remove the wax slowly, but too much ear wax can create a blockage that may lead to temporary hearing loss. But there’s no need to put a finger, Q-tip, or anything else into the ear canal. First of all, it can hurt secondly it can cause dangerous impaction. This can be prevented by making an appointment to see your local Microsuction Audiology specialist. A professional clinician will treat you safely and painlessly using a fine low-pressure suction device.

Should I get earwax removed?

Some people swear by their cotton swabs, and others say ear candles are the way to go. Both have their drawbacks. Your ears usually do a good job cleaning themselves and don’t need any extra care. The only reason you should clean them yourself is to soften or remove earwax from the outside of your ear canals. In cases of hearing loss or painful earwax impaction, you should go to your local Audiology specialist clinic. A professional Microsuction clinic can be found near you.

Can earwax cause loss of balance?

Earwax Might Be a Bigger Health Issue Than You Think. Experts say earwax buildup can cause problems with balance, hearing, and even mood in older adults.  Excessive earwax buildup can result in what’s known clinically as cerumen impaction. That’s when all or part of the ear canal has become blocked. The best remedy for this condition is to make an appointment at your nearest Microsuction Audiology Clinic. Microsuction earwax removal is the safest and most painless way.

Can I get Microsuction earwax removal in Pinner?

Yes you can at Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Clinic, Red Lion Parade, Harrow HA

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